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Our role in this world

Every day you hear that there is a traffic jam due to lost loads. Annoying because this causes delays but even worse it can cause serious injury. All this is often caused by the use of inferior cargo securing products.

Excellent Products is working hard to put safety in the field of cargo securing high on the international agenda.

We ensure safe cargo securing.
Our goal is that only certified cargo securing products are sold in the EU. The products also must be produced in accordance with European safety standards and laws. In addition the products must have been tested by reputable test agencies.

Our mission is to be able to offer sustainable work to 300 people in Vietnam, of which at least 70% are women!

We therefore adhere to the following core values:

1) Production according to existing EU safety standards (TUV / EN Standard / British Standard / Pimot)
2) Innovation by improving product safety, visibility and ease of use
3) Sustainable production based on People, Planet and Purpose (REACH / CSR / CSR / SDGs / amfori @ BSCI)
4) We adapt our straps, nets, drag cables and lashing straps to the user. Our certified products are suitable for various sectors such as retail, construction, transport, aviation and industry.