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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) – Stay safe!

We just hope that you and your family are healthy. At the beginning of this year the  outbreak of Covid-19 in South East Asia had a big impact and we worked really hard to control the health of our employees in Vietnam, our supply chain and our production....


ANWB use JUMBO towrope In fact, a towing cable is not suitable for this. A towing cable drags the car in the event of a breakdown. A tow rope is not a lifting strap / lashing strap. In this case, fortunately, it went well and the car was able to continue on the road...

Team Vietnam

Team Vietnam is ready for growth The management team is expanded in Vietnam and we are ready for growth

Better life

Read the interview from Monique Ansink with the FD. "Ik raad elke ondernemer aan om mee te gaan op handelsmissie." "Ik vind het heel belangrijk om de Vietnamese...